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    Winston Boron III X

    -Arguably the finest fly rod series ever made -Built with advanced Boron III technology, resulting in a lightweight, fast action rod that is powerful, lively and capable of generating incredible line speed -Strong and dependable -Proprietary design that promotes effortless long casts, delicate presentations and reserved power for big flies and windy days -Responsive and deadly accurate selection for almost any type of angling challenge -Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana USA Winston Boron III X 輕盈快調 無窮的power儲備 不费勁的遠抛功能 高抛投精準度 美國蒙大拿州手工製
  • gvx-select-3

    Winston GVX Select

    Action: Fast Grip: Cigar on 3wt.-6wt., Full Wells with fighting butt on 8wt. Sections: 4-piece Color: Winston green Guides: Chrome nanolite stripper guide and chrome plated snake guides Reel Seat(s): Nickel Silver with wood insert on 3wt.-6wt., anodized aluminum with fighting butt on 8wt. Storage: Powder coated aluminum rod tube with logo tech rod sock Rod Weights: 3wt.-8wt. Winston GVX Select 4節快調性竿